Barcelona best coffees

Finding good coffee in Barcelona requires an investigative spirit. Though coffee has long been ubiquitous in the city, it’s consistently been of poor quality–over-roasted and drenched in milk. Like many traditional European coffee markets, the idea of “third wave” is new to most locals, and they are still learning not to frown at the idea of filter coffee. Nevertheless, there is a palpable excitement that a coffee scene is taking shape in Barcelona, and it’s happening at a blistering pace.Barcelona’s best cafe offerings are not immediately visible: they are tucked away in quiet plazas, passageways, and off-the-beaten-track neighbourhoods. It’s as though the local coffee professionals cultivate a certain pleasure in making the getting-there a journey, as a way to highlight how much effort goes into a cup of coffee–attention to detail, high quality standards, careful control over all the variables, and a great deal of dedication.

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